Hey me Darlin’s!

A quicky post before I get busy with RL.  (What do you mean I’m just putting things off? Ok Ok, you’re right, I am, but ughhhh!)

Anywaaaay, more news from Ploom at Mystic Fair, HighRize, and Shock, plus [Q.E] and K-Otic at Body Mod Expo – I told you it was gonna be a kick ass event didn’t I?!! *Nods*


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Elloooo Chicklets!

The Dark Style Fair is almost upon us, opening in just a couple of days *squeals with excitement* Lots & lots of goodies to share with ya’ll \o/

Plus, away from TDSF,  HighRize have more of their gorgeously glossy Melted Candy Pumps!! Seriously how sexeh are these heels? LOOOOVE!

Enchantment 1
Horns, Hair, Piercings & Makeups ::
Enchantment 2
Two Of The Ten Colours In The  S H O C K Unholy Nails ::
Enchantment 3
More Delicious Colours Of Melted Candy Pumps :
Enchantment 4