Laced Up

Eh up Chucks ❤

Every girl needs an LBD right? Well how about sexing it up even more with a sheer LBD? Add a blindfold and gag, some killer heels and a lil lacing, and wot have ya got? Purrr Power is what! (Erm thats my way of sayin sexeh in case ya didn’t get it!)

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Aint No Luck Needed

Ello Mah Lovelies ❤

Its the last couple of days of the current round of Silicone Girlies, so if theres any bargains ya havent picked up yet, now is the time!
This cutesy bandeau top is one of Kathaarian’s  bargains out, and includes clothing layers and applier for Tango in top layer only.
I’ve also pulled out my fave skinnies for Phat Azz, by [Q.E] for this post, as sometimes only ya sexiest jeans will do ;o)

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Tied Up In Bows

Ello again Lil Ones ❤

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend, mine has been lovely, hence my lack of posting, sometimes RL is just so wonderful that SL has to take a backseat! Tho that being said, I did spend some quality time with the Wifeh in SL talking about everything from Poo to Vom’ing – yeps thats real love right there!

Anyhoooo, in SL, we have some brand spanking newness from Hollipocket, at The Big Show & With Love fair, theres more to come too,  so stay tuned!

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Butterfly Kiss

Ello MeDears,

Forever Young have the cutest lil tops out for the current round of Silicone. They come in 2 packs, and each includes clothing layers, plus appliers for Tango & Mirage boobies, and Slink hands , in 6 colours per pack.

I also found more cute lil mesh skirts for Phat Azz – yay! They come in a ton of colours, plus denim, vinyl and patterned packs – I’m a ver’ happy bunny!

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Luv Cuffs

Hey Darlings,

Well here we are at another Monday, lets try not to be filled with doom, lets go shopping instead!
And where better than to start than at the new round of Silicone, where you can get hold of cute lil strapless tops like this from Static, coming in 6 designs. All of em include appliers for Tango and Phat Azz \o/
Alsooo, (Red)Mint have gorgeous new hair out, this one includes Tango sizes, bows, and 3 huds to control the bows texture, ver’ sexeh no?

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Sweet Bitch

Ello again Darlin’s ❤

Before we get to the blog post, I’d first like to introduce Babbling Brooks’ newest sponsor – Pomposity!
Pomposity specialise in jewellery, piercings and accessories, and I am super honoured to be a part of the team. I cant wait to bring you all the gorgeous creations! Tysm to Rhianna & Bugsy for welcoming me to the fabulous Pomposity!

Nowwww, onto the post, which of course features some gorgeousness from Pomposity, plus sexiness from Silicone, Forever Young, and a lil gatcha goodness \o/

Sweet Bitch b

Full Pedicure set – also includes Manicure 😀

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Calm Down

Hey Darlings! And a very happy Monday to ya’ll ❤

In todays news – Emms has corrupted the Care Bears! *Gasps*
Yeps, Miss Emmikins (Such a sweet name, such a bad – bad gurl) has got all the Care Bears smoking the Green! Lol
The wicked Care Bears Gone Bad boots are a limited edition over at The Azz Show where there are only 69 pairs available (See? I told you she was a bad gurl). Once they’re gone – they’re gone, and they’ve already been on sale a lil while so be quick!

Calm Down b

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