Claws Before Paws


I love what I’ve become.
Every inch of me.
As of right now,
there isn’t a single thing I would change or
anyone I would allow to change me….
Along comes Wicca’s Wardrobe who totally and I mean
totally blows my paws off.
She’s shaken my resolve, so it’s time we have a one on one…

“I adore you Wicca, but come on, Sweetheart!
Why must you make it difficult for this Cabbit?”
(That’s Cat + Rabbit)
“You know how indecisive I am.”
(It takes me hours to finally nail down the colors I’m going
to use in her comprehensive HUDS.)
“I love my Paws.”
(They come in handy, pun not intended, for picking food
from between my teeth)
“I was perfectly happy until…


“Andrew, tell them to take it easy.  That’s freaking Minerva!”
Anthony Perkins said that in the 1975 movie Mahogany when
his film crew attempted to move the actual statue of the Roman Goddess.
Side note:
Mahogany is one of my favorite movies.
Although, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a mere 29%, it’s 100% fab to me.
It was my first movie about fashion and just like one’s first love,
I will always cherish it.
(Smiles and dusts off the DVD)
Anyway, back to Wicca…

Ms. Merlin has created a Goddess of her own and she doesn’t need a dust rag.
Minerva Claws, now available for you to swipe at The Secret Affair,
may be fitted only for Bento Maitreya Hands,
but that’s the sum of it’s limitations.
Being a 100% Original Mesh Design, there’s nothing else like them on the grid.
I have a habit of zooming in on what I’m wearing and believe me when I say,
I’m awestruck.  It boggles my mind how someone can have such attention
to detail and the creativity to bring such ideas to light.
And then there is the HUD, Ladies.
I cannot express enough…THE HUD!
Let me break it down…
It has 6 Metal options for the entire piece.
However, changing each individual claw and both bracelets is also a choice.
The Knuckle and Bracelet Gems (6 Gem options)
can be transformed individually, as well.
You’re not into wearing the connectors with your current outfit?
Just want your middle finger to be bathed in metallic beauty?
No Problem!
Minerva also comes with Visibility Options so you can take off and
put on what you like.

(Scratches head)
What am I gonna do?
Paws — Claws?
Claws — Paws?

Minerva Claws are High FURshion Approved!

Furshion Approved

Jewelry: Minerva Claws – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Fishnets: Kitty Kitty Net Bodystocking – Mutiny in Heaven
Corset/Panties: Jordan Latex – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Accessory: Elita Top – Shanghai
Hair: Lab.082 – booN
Headpiece: Deep Sea Antennae – ..:Soul:..
Eyeshadow: Yelena – Zibska
Lipstick: Tabi – Zibska
Backdrop: Pink Club RARE – Rama
Pose 1: Gracie (modified) – Ex-posed
Pose 2: allison – Serendipity

*PROMO* !Soul Fragrance of Love Template Dress

!Soul  and !Soul marketplace

!Soul - Fragrance of Love - Dress 2

*PROMO* !Soul Fragrance of Love Template Dress

You will receive :

● Attachments are saved as normal and bright.

Upper Part :
– Jacket, Shirt+Pants, Udershirt+Pants.
Lower Part:
– Pants, Underpants.

– Mini prims flexy skirt
– Long prims flexy trail

Optional Huds for skin Only:

● Eve
● Phat Azz
● Cute Azz
● Belleza
● Maitreya
● G.Inc Perfect Bum
● G.Inc Perfect Bo_ dy
● WowMeh
● Sking Amazing
● Sking Brazillia
● Slink Physique Body
● Baby Bump

Love Hunt !Soul & Bamboo Gift : Complete Cupid Avatar

!Soul and Bamboo

06. February 2015 – 16. February 2015

Gifts: Complete Cupid Avatar

– Nails- 1 Heart for Cupid Bow + Arrows and Dress Bow
– 1 Heart for  Mesh Dress
– 1 Heart for Mesh Hair + Tiara/Hears Pink
– 1 Heart for Mesh Hair + Tiara/Hears Red
– 1 Heart for Mesh Sandals Slink and Belleza
– 1 Heart for Wings
– 1 Heart for Eyes, Eyelash Pink/Red hearts , Shape, Base
– 1 Heart for Skin with Pinky Tattoo
– 1 Heart for Skin with Red Tattoo

!Soul and Bamboo

!Soul & Bamboo - LOGO - Love Hunt 2015

!Soul – Mesh Silk Dress + shoe – 32 Colors pastel for 60ls only

!Soul and !Soul Marketplace

!Soul – Mesh Silk Dress+ Shoe – 32 Colors pastel for 60ls only

The items comes normal and in bright form!
You will receive :
– Dress Mesh in 5 standard size options XS, S, M, L, Xl with 32 texture options
– Alpha Layer.
– Shoe Mesh – High Slink Feet – .
– Hud for DRESS which include all 32 textures

!Soul and !Soul Marketplace

!Soul - Mesh Silk Dress - 32 Colors Pastel!Soul and !Soul Marketplace

!Soul - Mesh Silk Dress - 32 Colors Pastel 2png!Soul and !Soul Marketplace

!Soul - Mesh Silk Dress - 32 Colors Mix