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Quote of the Day: “A clockwork heart can’t replace the real thing.”
― Dru Pagliassotti

It been a while when last time i played dress up with costumes or role-play attire. I remember when I apply for a contest, i used a styling i did with steampunk theme and even had searched for a sim where almost everything was steam punk related. The contest I had applied for was my first ever contest and coming on a fourth place was not that bad for a beginner, this had encouraged me to try more and aspire to reach more. it is good to remind your self sometimes, the why we do things and what are the real reasons behind it because we tend to forget it as the time pass by.

Now with the backflash of memories and my reasons behind it, you may wonder how i end going way back in my photostream.
Today the 18th of September at noon, an interesting event is starting.
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A clockwork spiral
An expansion of an already annual tradition at Club Gothika:

this used to be a club party for charity, now the first time expanded to several days of thematic shopping as well.With as theme steampunk, steamgoth, dieselpunk, dieselgoth and dark Victoriana. They are trying to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation. The party will still be there on September 20th at 8pm slt, The theme is best in Steampunk and the prize is a box of gift cards from the stores participating. more information to follow soon.

This event, first hand target the steampunk lovers but it don’t stop there all the items and pieces cant be used in many roleplay games around the grid and not only that, if you are a die hard stylist, you know that the best pieces are there to recreate the most awesome creations and styles that pops up in your mind.

I hope you enjoy my post and keep an eye out for the event opening soon. kiss kiss

Style Me:
{D.A} Matte Rouge Collection – gold
Blacklace Beauty Dreamy Shadow Gold
E-Clipse Fallen Aviator Shirt
.la petite morte. steampunk capris brown pinstripe
E-Clipse Fallen AviatorCollar
{KS} Jezebel’s Corset – S (Pumpkin)
!TLB – Cabochon Necklace/Hands of Time
Antique Silver Rose – Necklace 1
Sray’s Dark Victorian – Monocle Royal Spymaster
.la petite morte. armwarmers brown
.la petite morte. garter thigh socks brown
*~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears
Antique Silver Rose – Arm
E-Clipse Fallen Aviator BrokenWings
E-Clipse Fallen Aviator Boot
[e] Again – Brown 01

Disclaimer: I will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing if desired or send me a message asking about it.