Ellooo there!

How about some new shoesies for todays posty?
L Warwick have some beauts out at Suicide Dollz. The Spiked Wedges are available in 5 rich leathers, and feature solid wedge heels and silver spikes. The are materials ready, but also look awesome if you don’t use that feature ❤

I’m also rockin’ Plooms Recycle Hair. I love the idea of using soda cans as rollers, and Ploom have another hair like this, but in a different style – called Telephone. Telephone is still available in the mainstore, but isnt mesh. I will deffo pull that one out of my inv in a future post too ❤

I forgot about my new jeans that I picked up from Maitreya last week, I love it when I find lil nuggets of awesomeness forgotten in the depths of my inv, but really I do need to get more organised!

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Taking Chances

Ello Me Darlin’s!!

Firstly I wanna apologise for not posting this weekend, but I do have a good reason! Saturday was my Hubby & I’s 10th wedding anniversary 😀 And so I have spent a lovely weekend celebrating and spending some much needed time with the man I am lucky enough to call mine ❤

(OK – ok I wont go on with the mush, just wanted to explain lol)

And when I logged into SL, I had another reason to celebrate. . Let me please introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor. . . .and OMFG Imma die. . . . .  Please welcome. . . PLOOM!!!!!
Seriously I am so honoured to have been acccepted as one of Ploom’s newest bloggers, I actually did a happy dance when I read the NC from Helyanwe.
I have been shopping at Ploom, since before it was Ploom, when it was Deviant Kitties, and before Brookie was even thought of. You could say I’m a bit of a superfan, and honestly I am Uber excited, flattered and honoured to have the role.

So here is todays posty, including – of course – one of the latest Ploom Hairs, plus gorgeous newness by Hollipocket, Tabou Irrestible, Zoz, Forever Young, GFD & Miss Canning \o/

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Chasing Rainbows

Ello Darlings ❤

I heard about a brand new shoe event today, called 21 Shoe. At 12am on the 21st each month, there will be a chance to get ya sticky mitts 2 pairs of exclusive original mesh shoes for the price of 1 or less. You can read more about the event on the 21 shoes blog.  I picked up these very hawt lil Coral numbers, along with a leopard print pair over at Hucci. The shoes are for the Slink High Feet – you must already own the feet in order to wear the shoes.
I also picked up some sexy platforms in red and black from Slink as part of the sale, I hope to show those in upcoming posts 😀
The sale lasts just one day so you have to be quick, but seeing as its sexy shoesies were talkin about, I cant see that being a problem 😀

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Dark Side

Ello Sweeties ❤

Hope ya’ll enjoying ya Sunday 😀 Mine has been quite busy, eveyone is back at work/school etc tomorrow sooo its all been go! Happily though, I’m able to grab an hour at the computer and so I can post some more goodies from OMG, and more sexiness from Silicone ❤

Dark Side b

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Aint Got Time For That

Ellooooo Honeybees!

{Q.E} have gorgeous new booties out at The Azz Show in 3 brand new limited edition designs. These boots are *very* limited as only 69 of each design will be sold! I’m lucky enough to have been given one pair of each (Tysm Emmikins, ya rocks mah lil heart!) so I shall be showing the other 2 designs in coming posts. The bootehs come with huds to change the straps and laces, but as there are huds for each foot, you can mix it up a bit and have different colours on each foot – LOVE these!

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