The Twisted Truth

Hellooooo again Babes!

How gorgeous is this skirt? Its new by Muka, and is  available exclusively at The Big Show from today! \o/ The Lavina skirts are original mesh, coming in standard sizes, plus extra sizes for Phat Azz & Cute Azz, there are 5 colours to choose from ❤

The hottie lil top is by Arise and is also available at The Big Show. The Check tops come in 6 colours and include appliers for Lolas, Wowmeh, and Slink Physique.

Also at The Big Show you will find Buttery Toasts newest release, the Chained Heart sets. each set contains bracelet and ring, with a hud to change the stones colour. There are 4 metals to choose from.

Finally, the gorgeous eyes are one of [Q.E]’s newest releases, this time over at Totally Top Shelf. Each set of eyes includes Dr Jekyll versions – normal (which are sooo pretty, and just a lil bloodshot), and extra bloodshot for when the madness starts setting in 😀 Plus 3 Mr Hyde versions, which as you can see, are not normal at all! But perfect for Halloween. You can even change them independently, for that extra Cray!


The Twisted Truth


The Twisted Truth - Close Up


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Eyes.

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Two Can Play Your Game

Ello again Shopaholics!

I do hope you have been saving up your Lindens, because our fave monthly event is opening its doors again for its latest round. The Big Show is as ever, jam packed with sexy goodies for all our curves!
Here is Babydoll’s  exclusive item, a hot latex bodysuit, available in 6 colours, and including appliers for boobs, bums, and hands!

Plus, we have The Body Mod Expo opening its doors in just a few days! You wont find clothes here, but you will find everything else! Anything you can stick on ya body will be here, from hair, to jewelry to tattoos, this event is gonna kick some butt – I cant wait!

And here also, is RunAway’s second exclusive new hair at The Mystic Realm Fair, and as promised, the brand new colour hud –  Ombres 2. This is a gorgeous collection of bright ombre colours . The Oni hair includes the hair horns, that are detachable, and resizable – I LURVE this hair  ❤

Two Can Play Your Game - Full

Two Can Play Your Game - Closer

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Hey Hey Munchkins!

Happy Humpday to ya’ll 😀

In this posty we have brand spanking news from Bens Beauty,  Zoz  & Eclipse Art Studio,  plus some  (OMFG  how haven’t I blogged these before?)  too cute cat face tights at The Big Show (current round ends soon!) and finally some killer (and free!) new shoesies for the Slink High Foot ❤

Unflitered - Full

Unfiltered - Closer

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As Summer Fades To Fall

Ellooo Sexy Ladies!

Here we go with stuffs from events all over the grid! The Arcade, The Big Show, Swag Fest, Uber and The Black Dot Project – shopping heaven!

Plus Eclipse Art Studio have just realeased brand new mesh rings. The I Love Boss rings come in 4 colour variants, and are for Slink Hands, but as they’re mod, you have the possibility to edit to fit other hands also.

As Summer Fades - Full

As Summer Fades - Closer

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A Sprinkling Of Fairy Dust

Ello again Cherubs!

So soon right? Its late, but I dont feel like sleeping, so I thought Id give you a lil taster of whats coming up in this months The Big Show! I know, I just keep giving right?  😀

Elsewhere on the grid,  Folly have the cutest lil Unicorn Headdresses at We ❤ Roleplay. The Pastelhorns sets come in 5 ear shades, each shade includes 4 flower options and all are completely adorable!

Fairy Dust -

Fairy Dust - Closer

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