Like A Bat Outta Hell

Hello again Loves ❤

And happy Friiiiiday! *Cheers*

So with Friday comes Grenade Free Weekends, and Pervette have a really cute bat tattoo out for the weekend. Free Batt includes Undearwear clothing layer, tattoo layer, and appliers for Slink feet and Phat Azz.

Also in this post, Shock have brand new mesh tees out. They are shaped with breasts so appliers are not needed, and they come in standard sizes.

My cute little monocle is by C.C Kre-ations, and is discounted for Horror Haute, however the full set of 6 are available for only 75L each!

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You Saved Me From Myself

Ello Ello Ello!

Sooooo, I learned something about SL tonight, and yeah, I am prolly the last person to know, but,…

I thought SL was being a complete knob again, as I wasn’t able to attach either the hud for the Hollipocket skirt here, or the Blah shoes, I relogged, and still no. So after a while I thought “Oooh maybe if I drag the hud onto my body, even if I unattach something I’ll be able to reattach it later”, and thats when I got the message “unable to attach object – you have exceeded the 38 attachments limit (!) (or words to that effect). But 1st, I didnt even know we had a fekkin limit, and 2nd, how the feck have I exceeded 38???? Omg another thing thats gonna annoy me now :o/

But anyway, here we go, with lots of gorgeous darky darkness from TDSF ❤

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We Never Said Goodbye

Hello Chicks ❤

More newsy news!

Eclipse Art Studio have 2 new mesh tattoos out, the first I am showing here, a cute lil star design that comes in 5 sizes. There are versions for both arms, in colour, and B&W.

Bens beauty have sexeh lil platform heels out brand spanking new too \o/ These are only for the Slink High Foot, and come in 9 colours ❤

Plus we have more goodies from TDSF. R3volt have this cute mesh jumpsuit out which includes a Hud to control the top part, and the belt to 15 colours each.

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Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Elloooooooo there & happy Friday \o/

{Vision}- S&F have the hottest slinky dress out at Fashion Art. The event only runs till May 31st  so be sure to get ya sexy asses over there, theres loads of pretty stuffs out for our pretty selves!

Also in this post, more TDSF stuffs! Have ya got in yet? Still busy? Keep tryin – Its so worth it!

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You Know It

Ello again Loves ❤

The fantastical Ploom have new hairs out \o/ This huge ponytailed one I LOVE!! So perfect for the fantasy themed stuff out right now ❤

Talking of which, ya’ll must be lovin The Dark Style Fair, cos the sim is constantly full – I TOLD ya it was gonna be awesome!

And finally, HighRize have brand spanking newness, I had to do this uber sexy bodysuit first, its so high cut, everytime I look at it, I wanna say ouch 😀

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Together But Apart

Happy Friday Love Muffins!!!

Yaknow ya have ya fave fave-erest pair of jeans? Well in SL I have mine, the sexy Boyfriend Jeans by [Q.E], skintight, with Phat Azz appliers, I love em! Well the gorgeous Emmikins has made a capri version for summer! In normal and ripped, and including appliers, you can grab em at TBS now!

Also in this post, more cute cuteness at Funny Puppet fair, including this backpack that I really really want in RL, the puppet kills me – totes adorbs!

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