Rusted Memories

Ello Dolls!

It’s finally Friday! Yaaay!!

*Clinks her glass* Cheers to the weekend peeps!

So for todays posty, we have Cynfuls exlusive for the Sad November Fair, a sexeh lil top by Panik at The Big Show, plus another sprinkle of free-ness  courtesy of Hollipocket, Ecco, Zoz and Duh! for The Dirty Turkey Hunt \o/


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Here we have some more of the exclusive goodies available at The Sad November Fair.
Forever Young have cute lil mesh jumpers. The Tina Sweaters  come in 2 packs, each pack includes a hud to change the colour of the jumper to a choice of 6.
{Vision} – S&F’ s exclusives are  sleek n sexy leather pants and booties. The Caleda pants and Siela boots are available in 6 colours,

Plus the Dirty Turkey Hunt has some seriously kick ass freebs for hunters. Everything from hair and outfits to jewellery and tattoos, theres something to tickle everyones sweet spot, girls and boys!
To grab hints and get a full list of stores taking part head on over to the Depraved Nation blog *HERE* and then get huntin’!


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