Someday ….

New Round of Suicide Dollz with lots of goodies! ♥

Someday ....

Someday ….

NEW!!! Hair *Milk* Hair~ Bali Bali [@Boutique | info]

NEW!!! Bow .DirtyStories. Emo Dirty Bow

NEW!!! Crown [geek.] Medusa Headpiece [@SD info]

Glasses ::LEO-NT:: POOR DEER Glasses black -store closed-

Skin .Atomic. {Innocence} – Milk

NEW!!! Makeup .random.Matter.  – Perfectly Flawed – Eyebags & Freckles [@TS | info]

NEW!!! Top {PopTart} Crew Sweater [@SD info]

NEW!!! Wrist Tattoo SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Flor Muerta [@SD info]

NEW!!! Puppies [[geek.] Cerberpups – Tan [@TTSE | info]

NEW!!! Arm and Leg Cuff .DirtyStories. BeMine Cuffs

NEW!!! Skirt {PopTart} Flared Skirt [@SD info]

NEW!!! Shoes [L.Warwick] Severity -Treaded Platform Wedges [@SD info]

Purple Grass will Grow all Around, High Enough to Reach our Eyes

Snapshot_013_full_edtNew Bellessima Post<3

The Clearest Way into the Universe is Through a Forest

New Bellessima Post ❤