Laced Up

Eh up Chucks ❤

Every girl needs an LBD right? Well how about sexing it up even more with a sheer LBD? Add a blindfold and gag, some killer heels and a lil lacing, and wot have ya got? Purrr Power is what! (Erm thats my way of sayin sexeh in case ya didn’t get it!)

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Belt Up

Ello Lovelies ❤

Wewt – Happy Fridaaaay!

Its so cold here atm, that I really dont want to venture out of the house just yet, so I thought I’d blog a little. Least in SL it’s always warm! Which is just as well really, seeing as all that is holding the boobies is a belt 😀

Belt Up . B


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Heyaaaaa Loves ❤

Sometimes I take so much blogging work on that I forget myself and get a bit swamped, sometimes even forgetting that an event has started and having to slap myself for my own ineptitude. Well that happened today– I totally forgot about the new round of SILICONE!!! (FFS seriously Brookie?)
So for this, I dearly apologise, and promise to make it up to you in the next few posts LOL
We shall begin our trip round the Silicone with this gorgeous wool crop top, available in 14 (!) colours, including appliers for Tango boobies ❤



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