Whore Couture Fair Is Coming Soon!

Ello me Lil Bunnehs ❤

Omg I’m soooo fkn excited!!!
As I am – *Smiles excitedly, and jiggles in her seat a lil* –  an official WCF 3 blogger I can tell you that preparations for the WCF3 are gaining apace. \o/
All the designers are fast getting set up for Whore Couture, the notices are coming thick and fast, and the bloggers packs are slowly coming in!!!!
Sooo my first preview for the best event of the year is courtesy of  the fabulous Pink Sugah, and OMG its smokin!!
Called Bombshell its a sexeh lil leopard print dress coming in 8 colours, and including appliers for Tango/Mirage/Evo boobs, and Phat Azz/Brazillia buttehs \o/

Cmon – the Whores are a-comin!!
(LM wont be supplied until WCF3 opens – Teasinggggg!!)

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Hiya Girlies!

I’ve seen this adorable lil doggy on a few of the blogs, and instantly fell in love. But I had assumed it was a Zooby Dog, therefore quite expensive so I didn’t think of buying one.
Until that is, I saw that its actually made by Birdy and is available at The Mens Dept – yay!
So as soon as I could, off I popped and adopted my own lil Boston Terrier, whom I have called Scamp after one of my RL Fur Babies (Who is actually a cat but hey no matter 😀 )
He totes adorbs, no?
Dont be surprised if he geggs in on the next few posts 😀

Buddies B full

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I’m No Angel Either

Ello Love Muffins ❤

[Cynful] & Lil Lace have collaborated on the cutest lil fluffeh jackets for the upcoming Frost event. I adore these, they are so versatile, you can wear em with nothing underneath, or team with ya fave short sleeve/long sleeve tops or dresses. They come with a hud that controls the metal colour and turns fluffehness on or off, seriously these are way too cute.

I'm No Angel b

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