Virtual Worlds voices the Internet Slowdown

An article written on The Internet Slowdown Process at The Torch: Entertainment Guide by Wil Morris, a fellow colleague, intrigued a thought of Kennie Morrison to conduct a poll in the virtual worlds like Second Life, InWorldz and Avination etc.

national debate over net neutrality led to a 3-2 vote at Federal Communications Commissions to decide that they will allow telecommunications and broadband providers to charge content providers for a preferential treatment across their networks. This strategy is demonstrated by Netflix and Comcast. For more information click here. Although such implementation cannot be observed out-rightly by the broadband companies by blocking the a major part of traffic to the sites, few major sites have started to protest. One such protest over the web has been done on September 10th, 2014.


You Are My Rainbow to Keep

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Don’t Waste Your Hour, the Sun Sets Soon

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There is Always a Way Out for Those Clever Enough to Find It


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