Here we have some more of the exclusive goodies available at The Sad November Fair.
Forever Young have cute lil mesh jumpers. The Tina Sweaters  come in 2 packs, each pack includes a hud to change the colour of the jumper to a choice of 6.
{Vision} – S&F’ s exclusives are  sleek n sexy leather pants and booties. The Caleda pants and Siela boots are available in 6 colours,

Plus the Dirty Turkey Hunt has some seriously kick ass freebs for hunters. Everything from hair and outfits to jewellery and tattoos, theres something to tickle everyones sweet spot, girls and boys!
To grab hints and get a full list of stores taking part head on over to the Depraved Nation blog *HERE* and then get huntin’!


Thanks - Full

Thanks - Closer

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Ello again me Ducks ❤

Humpday already, this week is goin so fast, Which is good, cos it means that the weekend will soon be here \o/

So, ‘ere we have some sexy unbuttoned jeans by {Vision} – S&F at The Black Dot Project, and a cutey crop top by Forever Young at Suicide Dolls.
Ploom have completely gorgeous new hairs by out at The Fantasy Gatcha too. This is Mystic V2, and comes with a set of curled hairbases to match each colour pack. (I’ll be trying these hairbases with other Ploom hairs too, as they are super cute and really different – I’m liking a lot!)

I was also shopping around on MP for some darker freckles and came across these that had 30+ reviews and (the ones I read) were all positive. Then I saw the price …1L – OMG And I have to say, I’d happily pay a couple of hundred cos not only are they nice and noticable (which is what I was so after), they are also tintable for different skins, bargain!



Heartbreak - Full



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Pinky & Perky

Hey Babes ❤

Here we have some news from the ever gorgeous {Vision} – S&F, Buttery Toast, {PixelGeek}, Bens Boutique, Zoz, and another of Purges new tatts at Victims of Ink event ❤

(Apologies for brief intro, my internet is being an arse wipe so its taken me all my time to make the post!)

Pink & perky - Full A

Pinky & Perky

Pinky & Perky - Close Up.

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Bang Bang

Ello again lovely peeps!

Lots of goodies to share tonight – yay!

{Vision} – S&F have wicked leather jackets and satin shorts exclusively at the Boho Culture Fair. Both are mesh, and come in standard sizes. The jackets are available in 7 colours, and the shorts come in packs of 5 colours.

Pomposity have kick ass gun necklaces out at Suicide Dollz. The Pistol necklaces come in 2 versions, each facing opposite ways. The detail on these is seriously amaze.

Bens Beauty have new shoes and bags out at Vintage & Cool Fair.  The Azra bag collection includes 15 colours, in 2 versions, hand carry, and arm carry. The Hazal shoes are for the Slink High foot, and come in 13 colours and 2 versions, with straps and without.

Finally –  at Body Mod Expo –  Moon, Zoz, Tantalum, Eclipse Art Studio and Insanya all have exclusives out :-
The shades I’m wearing  are by Insanya and include 2 sizes, and a hud to change the the side texture to a choice of 24 textures, the nose piece and the stars.
The nails are by Zoz and include mani & pedi for Slinks in 9 colours.
The rings are by Eclipse Art Studio and come in 2 highly detailed  metals ❤


Bang Bang - Full

Bang Bang - Closer

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A Sale & A party? Yes Please!

Hello again Dolls!

Its {Vision} – S&F’s 4th birthday soon, and they are celebrating with a huge party and sale!

On 8th October, from 12AM till 2PM all products in the mainstore will be 50% off! Plus there will be lots of gifties from {Vision} – S&F, [Cynful] Clothing & Co., SexZ, Lilicious, Pink Sugah and Legal Insanity.

Then at 10AM till 2PM there will be a huge party to which you are all invited, where some of SL’s best DJs will spin kick ass tunes. And where better to show off all the sexy clothes you have bought that in an exclusive party right?

Heres the invite – mark it in your diaries, and see you there!

{ViSion} -S&F - 4 Years Anniversary

Harvest Moon

Hey Babes!

Today we have news from the gorgeous Ploom and L.Warwick at My Attic, {Vision} – S&F at Gatcha Mania,  Pomposity at Suicide Dollz and another new release at Eclipse Art Studio.

Since going ginger with the Koy “Goodbye Summer” hair I sported a few posts ago ( check here ) I thought I’d embrace this gorgeous autumn-y colour again.  Its not a colour I wear often, but each time I do I love it, and what better time of year to do it, right?


Harvest Moon - Full

Harvest Moon  - Closer

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Deja – Vu

Ello again Lil Shroomies ❤

I know its been a couple days since I last posted, but I got bored of where I live so went on a mission to buy a new cute mesh house When Id found and bought said house, I decided to redo my whole island and – of course – it took me longer than I expected :o/ Its still not completely done, but I needed a break so decided to blog instead! (Lots more fun!) Anyhoo, I hope to be able to maybe do a post from there as and when its finished to my standard (sometime next year then, right?)

Ok, so onto the posty, which includes a gorgeous new Group Gifty at {Vision} – S&F –  a sexeh lil mesh dress which includes appliers for  boobs \o/

Plus lotsa news from the fab Zoz and Pomposity ❤


Deja - Vu (Full)

Deja - Vu (Closer)

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