LOTD #010

Scar's Closet

I have been blogging my lil heart out for these events, and such, but I decided to do something fun and girly.

Though there are items for events, this is mostly me just wanting to have fun with color and clothes!

♥ Hope you like! ♥

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Quick post to show ya some goodies from the new round of Lubbly Jubblies. This runs Jan 15 – Feb 13. You can find this smokin hot outfit there – top and skirt from Lolita.

Also wearing a new lipstick on sale at Pure Sales room, new jewelry from Cae and a new Truth release. Enjoy!

Quick As A Snail

An amazing location and a fabulous dress await you. Peek inside for the details!

Pics by Peep

Vivid Vivacity

That’s how I feel, having been up since 5am. While I’m normally an early riser, that is extra early for me. Even my cat was wondering why the lights were on at that hour. So I need to get moving on this post before I succumb to a nana nap at mid-morning!

I have seen a lot of photos of The Sleepy Snail at Metales on Flickr and other blogs and decided to venture over for a look-see. I really never thought snails could be beautiful, but this location is lovely, serene and haunting. I found myself playing with WindLight to discover the brilliance of the sim, especially the reflections from the bejeweled snails and the ethereal play of light on the filament and filigree surrounding them. I hopped on the back of this mid-sized fellow to show off this new dress from .::Vivid::. for the current round at Designer…

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A Little Birdy

A pretty location and a pretty outfit and manicure…what more could a girl ask for? 😉

Pics by Peep

1 Mix Outfit Vivid_014

Drop a penny in the well, close your eyes and make a wish. Don’t even whisper it to a little birdy and it will come true. Little birdies have big mouths…I know because one told me about this lovely location 😉

I took these photos at Lost Horizon. Cougar Sangria has graciously opened her home sim until the end of December. It is a stunningly peaceful place and I availed myself of her generosity to take these photos. I admit to getting stuck in this spot…I just loved this little well in a secluded glen. I took a few shots of other parts of the sim, but I didn’t do it justice. I’ll be back, though, to try to capture it’s serene beauty.

1 Mix Outfit Vivid21

Here is a closer look at my casual outfit and gorgeous manicure, compliments of .::Vivid::.. See? Even the little birdy is admiring them 😉

Pretty stuff…

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Dirty Doings At Deadpool

Zombies, zombies, everywhere!

Pics by Peep

1 Deadpool 7

I’ve seen a lot of photos of the Deadpool sim so I headed over for a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll. What I didn’t notice in the pictures was that the place is infested with zombies!

Just when I escape that ugly, smelly, uncouth dude and head for a bit of sustenance à la the popcorn cart, what pops up?

1 Deadpool 13

Holy unwashed undead! Would somebody toss me a sawed-off shotgun, or at least a bottle of Febreeze?

1 Deadpool 21

Maybe I can get out of here, if I can just make it into the cockpit…

1 Deadpool 24

How did I end up here?? I’m getting sick of this place. Cobwebs in my hair, scuffed the toe of my boot and I’ve begun to perspire. This will never do!

1 Deadpool 14

Don’t even think about it, big boy! Your mates broke the three cardinal rules: don’t touch the hair, don’t mess with the boots and never make a…

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