A Midday Outing

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A Midday Outing @Dolly Loli

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Hat from The Thrift Shop ($35L a Play)
Group Gift of Stockings from Envious
W&R Shoes from The Thrift Shop
Beach Bag from Fashion for Life Gacha
Free Mesh Eyes

Shoes from The Thrift Shop
Fashion for Life

A Midday Outing @Dolly Loli

Also, please join us at the Harajuku-Lolita’s Union. We’ve finally got the land which provides the grounds for our meeting place, our Shelter for Cute Boys and Girls, and our small rental booths ($50L a week for 15 prims).

Thank you always for reading,
Taisynn of Dolly Loli

Zombies Love Bacon!

Post Details & Credits @ Dolly Loli / Zombies Love Bacon

Zombies Love Bacon * Dolly Loli

Free Pose, Blood Splatter, Bacon Mouthie, Lolita Dress, & Skin
$50L Doll Joints, $100L Kitty Backpack & Blouse, $5L Eyes

Post Details & Credits @ Dolly Loli / Zombies Love Bacon