Bitch? Who, Me?

Heya Lovelies ❤

And a very happy Tuesday to ya!

The WCF is now in its last week *sadface* so be sure to pick up all the hawt ‘n’ sexeh stuffs before closing time! Its been a wicked event to cover, and I cant wait for next years!

On the news front, Tara Shoes have these lil beauties, brand spanking new! The Bey Xtreme heels are available in 9 colours, in both rigged and unrigged mesh, and include a Hud to control skin colour (loads and loads of matches – I have never had a problem finding a really good skin match with Tara Shoes) nail colour, plus option to have ankle straps hidden. Super High – Super Sexy , whats not to love?

Forever Young also have newness, over at Suicide Dolls. The Heathen headbands are available in 3 colours ❤


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No Place Like Home

Heya me darlin’s!

I thought I’d come into the house for todays post, as its somewhere I have never taken any pics, and as Atooly have some cute housey items out, I thought It was a very good excuse to ditch the studio for a bit 😀 To be completely honest, I spend so little time in my lil house, not all the rooms are even decorated yet, just another job to add to the list eh 😀

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Don’t Leave Me Waiting

Elloo me Lil Loves!

Well, yes I knowww there was no post yesterday, but I promise I had a good reason! Brother fixed up my new graphics card – woooo!!  ( Cos I am a complete noob when it comes to that sort of thing.  He does try to teach me, but I’m afraid it all goes over my head :o/ )
Anyhoo, shiny new graphics mean shiny new. . . er. . . shadows! Lol.
Ive not been able to fully harness the SL shadow malarky, as it really stretched my previous graphics cards, but this one really seems to handle it all well. Now, I do have a lil bit to learn about using em, and will have some fun playing with all the windlights/settings so bear with me, and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it all 😀 (Oi you at the back – stop laughing – I WILL!)

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You’re Fooling Nobody But Yourself

Elloooo Muffins ❤

I’m somewhat early for the next round of Lubbly Jubblies, but this bodysuit from Pink Sugah is just too cute to wait! It is one of 4 packs gonna be on sale for the event, and each pack includes 2 versions. I have a lil thing for leo print, so had to choose this one which is in the White Pack. 😀 Lubbly Jubblies opens on the 15th.

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Sweet Little Lies

Ello MeLovelies ❤

Happy Tuesday 😀
Today we have more newwwwnesssss!!
Forever Young have brand new Capris out for The Big Show. The pants come in 8 colours, in clothing layers and applier for Phat Azz.
FY also have newness out for The Luck Of The Irish Gatcha Event. The cute little bow back ankle straps come in 12 colours and aswell as looking cute, they are perfect for covering up any ankle seams \o/
Also at Luck Of The irish, C.C Kre-ations have cute lil original mesh rings out, these come in 4 colours.
Both tops are available at WCF, and seeing as its the 2nd week, things should have calmed down so it’ll be much easier to get about on the sim 😀

His Whore

Ello Babettes ❤

And a very Happy Thursday!

Here we have some smokin hot exlusives from HighRize at WCF 😀
The body stocking is one of 5 colours, and includes appliers for Tango Boobs and Phat Azz & Ghetto Azz.
The sexeh strappy heels in all the colours below are also exclusive to WCF – loooove ’em ❤

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Travellers Rest

Hey Pookies ❤

Hope your week is going well, not long now till the weekend \o/

{Vision} – S&F have pretty newnesssss out!!
This cute lil day dress comes in 8 colours, its mesh, and comes in standard sizes. The dresses come with a hud to change the texture of the camisole underneath (12 prints) and to change the belt (black or white)

The necklace is also brand new, from Pomposity, and is a release for the mext round of Gatcha garden. There are 8 words to choose from, this “Loved” version being one of the rares ❤

I’m also wearing some wicked nails by S H O C K over at WCF. The nails can be worn with any size hand, and include a hud to change the colour to a choice of 10.

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Puppy Love

Ello Angels ❤

I know I have benn a lil obsessed with WCF lately, but theres soooo much I wanna share with you guys, that I’m afraid I will be for a lot longer!

But meanwhile, over at The Arcade, Birdy have some more of those heart-stoppignly cute lil doggies that were first (for me anyway) seen at Mens Dept. These dogs tho all come in individual lil outfits, dressed as other animals – I swear – too cute – so I got 2 to keep my original Boston Terrier company. I will end up with a full litter I’m sure 😀

But, getting back to WCF, the fantastic and rather gorgeous Hollipocket has some exclusive sexiness for us, in the form of some smoking little lacey tops, (coming in packs of 5 and including appliers for Tango Boobs and Slink Hands) & a remix on the Bend Me Over Skirts, the new twist on these being the addition of recolorable hip bows and a choice of lace or net underskirt. These skirts are compatible with mesh assses as they are resizable with a X, Y, Z menu. Skirts come in packs of 6.

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