Surviving the Darkness

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Surviving the Darkness * Dolly Loli

Posted @ Dolly Loli / Surviving the Darkness

Free Mesh Eyes, Nerdy Glasses, Lipstick, Dress, Brass Knuckles, first aid kit backpack, pose, and $5L piercings from Pink Fushion Hunt. Also, featuring new releases from Lovecats, the group gift from Wicked Night, & more.


Body Mod Expo + Death Row Designs + DECO – My Haunted Immortal


Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can’t find what keeps me here
When all this time I’ve been so hollow
Hunting you, I can smell you
Your heart pounding in my headImage
Death Row Designs, The Body Mod. Expo, and DECO! Awesome designs from DRD, *Milk*, ..:SAAL:., [MC], [SAKIDE], Deco, Magika, MysticHope, Suicidal Unborn..get the info on the The Body Mod Expo, the MadPea Production on Death Row Island, and the Horrorfest 2013! Click the link for all the ifo and tps !!!