SNEAK PEEK’s Designers November Round


It’s Fall almost Winter and its all new round for SNEAK PEEK. Out talented designers have come together with exclusive and sophisticated pieces focused on luxurious and affordable style that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!!
The event runs from Nov 25th to December 5th. Make sure to take a Chic SNEAK PEEK!

Event Landmark:


There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone between luminous sun and the velvety black of an eclipse. This is the merging place of light and dark, the niche of perfect illumination and shadow. This is the penumbra. We are .PENUMBRA. We are FASHION.PENUMBRA is designed to be a fashion center, welcoming to various agencies and designers for fashion events of all types.

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SNEAK PEEK Press Release 10.18.2014

I am so excited!!!


I’m not a statistic

Amity Style

There is a great deal of meaning behind today’s photo. No one should have to be a statistic because of what has happened to them. The Second Life event called 2Lei is going on for a week from November 20-30 and it is in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Many people think that feminism isn’t necessary in our world anymore because women stand on equal footing with men. Unfortunately, that is still not the case. Women are a marginalized population that continues to face discrimination. They face the threat of violence every day, just for walking down the street and existing. Rape survivors continue to be subjected to victim-blaming and stigma. There are movements all across the globe pressing for an end to gender-based violence. If it was not evident already, this cause is very close to my heart as a social worker…

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✄━тнᴇ ᴅıᴀʀʏ σғ נᴀɴᴇ ━✖

Hi Girls, this is a New Stuff from {B-DaZZled} 

Hair: little bones. Dark Chapel – Vibrant

Scarf: *chronokit* Scarf01 Plain Black

Dress: {B-DaZZled} – Winter In Manhattan (NEW @ .:: Designer Circle ::. )

Leggings: Gawk! Black Nylon Leggings

Shoes: REIGN.- Quinn Boots- Black (NEW @ N21)

☟   ☟   ☟    ☟

Tp to : » little bones.

Tp to : » *chronokit*

Tp to : »  .:: Designer Circle ::.

Tp to : » Gawk!

Tp to : » N21

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have fun while shopping

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