Somewhere down the rabbit hole

If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan then you REALLY need to make your way over to the Alice in Sexyland currently happening on the grid.  An event tailored for the adults with a love of the story that features all kinds of “sexy” takes on the traditional tale, including this adorably sexy outfit from Kaithleen’s.  The top and skirt come in a variety of colors for you to choose from and each is at a discounted price for the duration of the event.  Once I wiggled into this fit I took a chance and headed on over to Dysphoria and paid my 200L to join the group and took my adventure down the rabbit hole.

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it’s writing on the wall
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole
I wandered into Rabbit’s house shortly after my arrival, tiptoeing up the stairs and into his private sanctuary.  I know he could come back at any time, and I am sure he will as the still warm body under the rug in here probably needs dealt with soon.  But the fire drew me in and my eyes started to get heavy in the warm room and the little couch was far too inviting so I paused for a moment to rest my eyes in the late afternoon.  To my surprise I opened my eyes again to find the fire stoked with stars dotting the sky.  How long had I been asleep you ask?  I still don’t know, and not sure I ever will.  In the corner he sat, quietly, almost invisible to the naked eye in the darkness of the room.  His cane in hand, whiskers twitching as he eyed me up and down.  I know I gasped a little as I strained to look at him, but the paw to his lips made me silent myself immediately.  The paw moved to motion out the door and I did not need to be told twice.  Away I ran, as fast as my little feet could carry me from the Rabbit with the lecherous grin.  I guess I shouldn’t be angry with him for looking at me that way, for I was asleep on his sofa with barely a thing to cover me.  Pausing a moment outside his door, I realized my heart was beating a little too fast as I thought about the Rabbit and his intentions towards me, so on I ran, back to the door hoping this time I could return home!
Style Card
 Body, Hands and Feet – Slink
Skin – DeeTaleZ
Eyes – IKON – Charm
Hair – RunAwayMomo
Necklace – Maxi GossamerLittle Memory Locket – Short
Top and Skirt – Kaithleen’s – Alice Kinky @ Alice in Sexyland
Shoes – ReignMixer Pumps
Pose – *EverGlow*Sweet