… at the end of the path …

... at the end of the path ...
Have you ever walked in your neighborhood in the spring when the sun is shining really bright and you come up to the house that everyone says " whoa, what is going on here?" The animals rule the roost, the lawn is manicured but stuff is just piled all over the place. The kids' toys are left outside as if there isn't a care in the world of anyone stealing from them. The place just looks really lived in.  While visiting L2 Studio & LOOQ Gallery Sim I came across the Writers Shed at the end of the sidewalk. Notice the geese are not happy to share the path with me. This home at the end is full of life.  I totally went inside to see how it was beautifully decorated with intention. Lindini Lane always decorates with such comfortability.  Funny, I own a lot of what is displayed throughout the sim, but I do not have the LI to show it off like Lindini. Every detail and nuance are carefully created, and it is open to all. It always has been. Walk in and out of each building freely. The beautiful paths will transform the imagination. You will not be disappointed. I'm heading to the right where the dirt path leads down to the ocean. Until Next time....

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