let’s just hideaway and let the world pass us by

Lost in my Imagination

Vintage hideout finalMadPea has a gatcha out at the  6° Republic , Its theme is Hoodlums’ Hideout , It has a Poker Table and chairs which is a Rare  (shown in the background) A ceiling lamp, Violin cases in brown and black (brown is shown), Brass knuckles (gotta take out the intruders ya know? ) A console table (shown in the back) With a Brass Gramophone and Safe. I used the Hat rack and Bottle of what I assume is some sort of whiskey. A glass that has drink in it and an empty one, Oh and the Ashtray..

Also last but not least The Hideout itself which is a sky box that has some really interesting features.. There is a switch on the wall that can control sounds and how often you want the train to come by the windows.. Yes I said Train.. There is a train that goes by…

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Art in Hats 2015 featuring- E.V.E


Short story and hat by Noke Yuitza

New Orleans, 1927, the day before the Great Flood.

The solo notes of a lazy trumpet announced the marching. The people opened their umbrellas and started to walk while the band was adding color to the song. The funeral procession had begun, with the young grieving widow close to her husband’s coffin.

Detective DeForest was smoking a cigarette while was watching the show going on from the other side of the road with his partner.

“Do you believe she killed the banker?”, he asked. “There’s no evidence of that”, Deforest said. “But… come on… isn’t that her third husband died in mysterious circumstances?”, said the police officer. The widow turned her head and looked at him with those black eyes so intense that seemed to strip his soul. “Maybe some day, Sam… maybe some day…”


Art in Hats 2015 Logo-


E.V.E -The Black Widow Hat- Art in Hats 2015

booN DQX365 Hair in Red- Group Gift

Clemmm Unwanted Fog Eyes

Zibska Dahlinka Wild Eye Shadow

Zibska Fumiko Jewelry Set

[sYs] Skin– TRISTELUNE in Dark- We Love Role Play

Snowpaws Lavandera Gown in Night

Di’s Opera Femme Fatale Set


Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back blueberry

Hello Shopaholics!

I’ve got tons new in this post including the beautiful dress from Blueberry. I applied to blog for her, but was turned down. However, she was very nice (and very smart) to give all applicants an exclusive version of a this recent release. Take a lesson designers! Very pretty and tons of colors in the hud. Plus, there is a panties hud, if you want to wear them.

Be sure to check out the bargains – 49L sale for the necklace, 50L sale for the boots, and the nail polish is a freebie! Slurls below!  Click here for shopping list:  Perv My Style